An Encounter With Fab Five Freddy

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Photo taken with my hand.

Fab Five Freddy and G

This is the story of an encounter that almost didn’t happen.  Gail Worley of the rad blog The Worley Gig and I were on the guest list of the new Basquiat documentary, The Radiant Child and due to a huge FUBAR by the organizers, we were unable to go.  Because we are both huge lovers of Basquiat, we persevered and went to a different screening that would prove to be far better than the one we were supposed to attend.  Our screening had a question and answer session with Fab Five Freddy afterwards!  First, let me say that The Radiant Child is such a great documentary, please go see it!  I really learned a lot about an artist I thought I knew everything about and there is so much great unseen footage in the form of interviews, gallery openings and New York in the 1980s.

Fab Five Freddy is interviewed extensively in The Radiant Child as he was a great friend to Jean-Michel Basquiat and was at the forefront of the art scene in New York in the 1980s.  Fab Five Freddy is a former graffiti artist who has gone on to be a pioneer in the hip hop scene and even hosted the ground breaking show “Yo! MTV Raps.”  His line “Ahhh this stuff is really fresh” is arguably the most sampled line in music and he was name-checked in Blondie’s 1981 song “Rapture,” one of the earliest songs that features female rapping.  Fab Five Freddy was very nice when I had a brief encounter with him after the film screening and I cut our encounter short as it appeared that everyone in the theater wanted to ask him something.  Thanks Freddy! You are an inspiration!

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  • Gail said,

    “Radiant Child” was truly awesome: a “must see” for art fans.