Chocolate Cheerios!

Posted by The G on July 27, 2010 under GNN | 2 Comments to Read

Photos by G except where noted.

Chocolate Cheerios!

Last night on Facebook, I heard a rumour about the existence of Chocolate Cheerios.  I had no reason to doubt the source of this information, but I didn’t think it was actually possible that my prayers had been answered by combining my two favorite things on earth – Cheerios and Chocolate!  Today as I was grocery shopping, I found out that the rumours proved to be true!  Chocolate Cheerios are sinfully delicious and you’re going to want to join a gym before trekking over to the market to get these tasty treats.  Thanks to PKM for the tip and for simultaneously ruining my waist line!

On a trip to Morocco a few years ago, I was lucky enough to sample a knock-off brand of Chocolate Cheerios that were equally as addictive.

Choco Crack. Photo by A.

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  • Gail said,

    I thought that these had been around for a while, but apparently that was only in my sweetest dreams.

  • HFA said,

    they look cute – why don’t u consider making an artwork from them? 😛