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The year is half over or half started, depending on your point of view.  Some people would argue that June marks the half-way point of the year, but those who read this blog daily, aka MY HEROES, you know that nothing I do is conventional.

There’s been a lot of great music I’ve heard this year (thank The Creator) and to celebrate that fact, here’s my top ten list of best songs of 2010… so far.

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Elizabeth Harper of Class Actress and G

10. “Journal of Ardency” by Class Actress.  This song has such a great beat and Elizabeth Harper’s vocals are so sexy, you’ll want to turn the lights off and enjoy this slow groove in the dark.

Kele and G

9. “Tenderoni” by Kele.  Admittedly, not the greatest title for a song, but Kele’s track sounds like a lost New Order outtake and I love it a lot.  The chorus is my favorite part where he sings “So that you know / You are more than this / You were born for greatness.”  It’s haunting and gorgeous the way Kele pleads that last line.  If you head over to his official site, while supplies last, you can download an amazing remix of “Tenderoni” by Larry Tee and Beckwith for free that is equally as good as the original version.

Alison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp

8. “Shiny and Warm” by Goldfrapp.  This song is so 80s-tastic!  It’s hard to listen to this song while I am out in public and not want to have a Thriller-like dance party with everyone on the street.

Dan Black

7. “Pump My Pumps” by Dan Black.  This song is so funky!  It’s a party song and like with “Shiny and Warm” by Goldfrapp, it’s hard not to throw yourself a silent rave when you listen to this track.  Dan Black is also really great live, so if you get the chance to see him, I say go for it!

James Cook of Delphic and G.

6. “Red Lights” by Delphic.  This song is highly addictive as it’s an upbeat electronic song with great vocal delivery by Delphic’s lead singer James Cook.  He sings “I wouldn’t stop for red lights / I wouldn’t come up for air” during the chorus and each succeeding chorus gets better and more dramatic.  It’s really hard to hear this song once without listening to it over and over again.

VV Brown and G

5. “Crying Blood” by VV Brown.  It was really hard for me to pick a single VV Brown song because I think she recorded a perfect debut album with “Travelling Like The Light,” but I checked my I-pod and I’ve heard this track more than the others, so it made the list. It’s a fast song with VV’s soulful voice and sounds like a happy version of Amy Winehouse.  Heaven!  I will be shocked if next year at this time, VV Brown is not a household name.  She’s amazing!

Jake Shears and Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters

4. “Sex and Violence” by Scissor Sisters.  Again, there are so many great songs to choose from on Scissor Sisters’ 3rd album “Night Work,” it was really hard to pick just one track.  Honorable mentions definitely go to “Skin This Cat,” “Running Out,” and “Invisible Light.”  If you liked the Sisters’ first album and got a little put off by their second release, they are back with a solid album where every track is good and I know that “Night Work” will definitely be on my top 10 albums of the year list.

Liam Fray of the Courteeners.

3. “You Overdid It Doll” by The Courteeners.  When I first got “Falcon” by The Courteeners, I was immediately obsessed with this song.  I think that The Courteeners have the potential to be the next Oasis and with tracks such as this rocker, it’s no surprise.  I’ve seen them live twice and they rock!  I am hoping they tour the states again because I need another fix of Liam and the boys.

Alex VanWyngarden of MGMT.

2. “Congratulations” by MGMT.  When I first heard the album “Congratulations” by MGMT, I was a little unsure of it because it is such a departure from their pop/electronic debut “Oracular Spectacular.” The more I heard it, the more I am glad they did a 180 degree turn from just churning out what the public wants. It’s plain and clear that a lot of drugs were gobbled up during the making of this album, and it goes to show once again that in moderation, drugs are actually GOOD for you. Again, this album will definitely make my top ten of 2010.  The title track pretty much sounds nothing like the rest of the album (which in and of itself is brilliant, according2g) and this song is a laid back acoustic-rock  jam that sounds like a lost T. Rex track!

Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club and G.

1. “Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club.  I have listened to this track more times that I will ever admit in a public forum.  This is such a fun song with a chorus that is sung so fast, you will be practising it until you get it right.  (The line for those who have not heard this infectiously catchy song is:  “Let’s make this happen girl, we’re gonna show the world that something good can work and it can for you.  And you know that it will.”)  If you can get your hands on the Ted And Francis remix, it’s even more delicious.  Their debut album “Tourist History” is a great record that sounds like a greatest hits collection instead of a first record!� If you like the band Phoenix, you will LOVE Two Door Cinema Club, because they have the same upbeat happy feel to their songs, but with much better lyrics!

As I was compiling this list, I realized that I’ve seen all of these bands/singers live and I am extremely grateful to have had these moments in the presence of people that have made my 2010 a much better place.  Thanks to all of you for rocking my world!

And what songs are rocking your world in 2010?  There are no wrong answers, so let your voice be heard!

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  • John said,

    I’ve never heard of a lot of these tracks, but I trust you G, since you seem to go to everything!

  • The G said,

    Take my word for it John! There’s a lot of greatness here! If you check out any of these songs, which I hope you will, let us know what you think!

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