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Inception - Out Now

You all know that I am a movie scrooge and that is the precise reason I don’t write about movies more often on According2g.  When I am going to invest 2 hours of my time in seeing a film, it really needs to blow me away, otherwise I don’t see the point.  I’d like to think I’ve heard every dick and fart joke known to man, I’ve seen every possible explosion, bank heist and car chase ever created and indie films that are plotless just for the sake of being “artsy,” just piss me off.  Also, once you start hearing the water cooler talk about “how amazing” a film is, the bar gets raised for me, a person that likes to keep an open mind, because I don’t want to think that I associate with a bunch of easily led morons.

“Inception” is a film whose tag line should have been “is it live or is it Memorex?”  The story is a dream within a dream within a dream and because Leonard DiCaprio is in it, I was able to stay awake.  Everything about this movie is totally watchable.  The actors and acting are fine; cinematography is good; story is sufficient; special effects are above average. And that’s it.  I’ve heard the term “groundbreaking” and “amazing” being tossed around and 29,000 people have wasted their time to give this movie an average of 9.4 out of 10 stars on IMDB.  I’m not seeing that viewpoint at all. There’s lots of thinly disguised spiritual principles tossed around in the film that are more simplistic than those in The Matrix trilogy, and if you are looking for “the answer” in action film format, I’d refer you back to the Matrix any day of the week.  Whoa!  Christopher Nolan directed “Memento,” which I loved, and then he directed the 2 newest Batman films, which I thought were two of the dullest films I’ve ever seen (yes, I know I am not in the majority with my viewpoint).  I’d say “Inception” is less good than “Memento” and much better than the Batman films.  Nearly two hours after seeing the film, I can’t seem to remember anything terribly memorable about it and I overheard many people in the theater saying “I’m going to need to see this again.”  I’m starting to think that my favorite part of the film was the gigantic poster I saw on 9th Avenue pictured above.  In summary, “Inception” is not insipid, but also not incredible, according2g.

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    Thanks for your every “efficient” review!