Kurt Vile live at Terminal 5

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Kurt Vile

I’ve been reading about Kurt Vile in the blogosphere for a long time and I knew at some point I’d see him live, so like I tend to do, I was waiting for him to walk out on a stage in front of my eyes to hear his music for the first time.  That moment happened on July 29, 2010 when Kurt Vile opened for The National at New York’s Terminal 5 and I loved what I heard.  Based on his name, I thought his music would be crude, but it was actually rock with a little bit of psychedelic folk mixed in.  I definitely heard some Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan moments and according2g, that’s a good thing!  Vile’s backing band is called the Violators and I think that makes him even more awesome!  You can download a free mp3 to “Invisible: Nonexistent” by clicking here while supplies last.

Kurt Vile and the Violators

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