Lady Gaga – “The Remix” Comes to the USA

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Lady Gaga - The Remix - Out August 3, 2010!

Fame Monsters, Freaks, Geeks, Sheiks, Alcoholics, Gagaholics – August 3rd, 2010 is your lucky day!  The Remix album that I mentioned in April of this year is finally getting released in the USA!  No idea what the hold up was because the overseas release has been out since May, but never fear Gagalicious would never let her US fans down and “The Remix” will be out on August 3rd.

The track list is:

1. Just Dance– Richard Vission Remix
2.Pokerface   LLG vs GLG Radio Mix Remix
3. Love Game– Chew Fu Remix ft. Marilyn Manson
4. Eh Eh Frankmusik Remix
5. Paparazzi – Stuart Price Remix
6. Boys Boys Boys– Manhatten Clique Remix
7. The Fame   Glam As You Remix
8. Bad Romance– Starsmith Remix
9. Telephone Passion Pit Remix
10. Alejandro  Sound Of Arrows Remix
11. Dance In The Dark   Monarchy Remix
12. Just Dance– Deewaan Remix
13. Love Game   Robot To Mars Remix
14. Eh Eh   Pet Shop Boys Remix
15.Pokerface– Live From The Cherrytree House Remix
16. Bad Romance – Grum Remix
17. Telephone  Alphabeat Remix

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