An Encounter with Scissor Sisters

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Photos by G.

Jake Shears and G

Sometimes I think it’s impossible to love the Scissor Sisters more than I do.  Their music always puts me in a good mood, their live shows are non-stop dance parties, all band members are extremely filthy/gorgeous and most important – they get my vote for the nicest band in Rock and Roll.  They are all huge fans of music and they know how important it is to be nice to fans.  I’ve been blessed to meet the band on several occasions and every time, their kindness makes me proud to be a fan.  Before their amazing show on August 24, 2010 at New York’s Terminal 5, I spoke with the band and here are a few tidbits that I learned.

Two years ago, I saw the Sisters perform a secret show in New York where they performed about 10 as yet unreleased songs under the name “Debbie’s Harry.”  Songs played that night included “Television,” “Who’s Your Money?,” “Uruboros,” and “Taking Shape.”  The songs were ultimately scrapped and an entirely new batch of material that would become the brilliant record “Night Work” was recorded.  I asked lead singer Jake Shears if we’ll ever see those songs in the form of B-sides, an EP or a new record and he said “as it stands now, you were witness to a very special night.”

Del Marquis and G

Autographed CD covers and photos taken by G.

Every time I’ve ever spoken with Ana Matronic, it seems as if we’ve known each other for years.  She happily signed photos I’ve taken of her and with her and I couldn’t resist asking questions about her recent experience working with another one of my favorite groups, Duran Duran!  Forgive me for paraphrasing this next bit.  Knowing that she’s a huge Durannie, I said “You must have been dying when that experience happened.”  She said she was beyond dying!  She went into the studio with Mark Ronson and Nick Rhodes and Simon LeBon appeared soon after.  She was under the impression that she would just be singing a few pre-written lines but once in the studio, they started writing!  She said that she had to hang out in the bathroom by herself for a few moments to soak in the fact that she had been given this amazing opportunity.  Ana said that she might have appeared a bit nervous in the studio – and who wouldn’t be if you were sharing the space with Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes and Mark Ronson – and Ronson said “should I kick out the guys?” Ana immediately said “Hell no!”  She also said the song is mid-tempo and the track (as well as the songs she has heard) are very reminiscent of “Rio” era Duran!  Thanks for sharing those tidbits Ana!

I’d also like to thank Scissor Sisters again for being absolutely delightful both on stage and off.  When they come to your town, do not hesitate to see them – it’s impossible not to have the time of your life at one of their shows.

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