An Encounter with The Kissaway Trail

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2 photos taken with my hand.  1 photo taken by a complete stranger.

The Kissaway Trail - Rune Pedersen (bass), G, Hasse Mydtskov (drums), Soren B. Corneliussen (Vox)

Before and after Denmark’s The Kissaway Trail played a really awesome set at the Highline Ballroom in New York, I met the band.  The above picture was taken by a complete stranger as I entered the venue.  Every member of the band was super cool.  Drummer Hasse Mydtskov advised that The Kissaway Trail will be back in New York in October, so as soon as I find out more, I’ll let you know.  Also, co-lead singer Soren Coneliussen gave me 4 free download codes for 2 songs (SDP, Beat Your Heartbeat), 1 remix (SDP   White Lies Remix) and one video (SDP), so send an email to gpoet7 at gmail dot com with the subject line “Kissaway Trail” between now and August 31, 2010 and I’ll provide you with the download code.  The tracks are great, so hurry while supplies last.  Thanks again to the Kissaway Trail!

Thomas Fagerlund (Vocals) and G

Daniel Skjoldmose (Guitar) and G

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