Arrogant Quote of the Day

Posted by The G on August 20, 2010 under GNN | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.

Bono of U2. Bono's ego is not pictured.

“I woke up on the morning of the show [in Turin, his first show after back surgery] with a certain anxiety: “Can I hit those notes? Have I got it inside of me? Have we got what it takes to make this experience one that people will remember for the rest of their lives? Or is it going to be four overrewarded musicians playing in a football stadium?” It’s an unusual place to make magic. And that’s our choice. We’re alchemists. We turn shit into gold. We turn it into a communion.” – Bono

The one thing I’ll always remember from seeing U2 live is that Muse was the opening act, and they wiped the floor with the “alchemists” from Dublin.  I’ll also remember that every time U2 were not playing a hit song, the audience got up to get drinks in droves.  You don’t see that at a Prince or Bruce Springsteen concert.  Just sayin’.  But I am glad you are back Bono.  I don’t like seeing anyone in pain.

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