Francis and the Lights live at S.O.B.’s

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Francis Farewell Starlite of Francis and the Lights

When I started hearing the comparisons of Francis and the Lights to Prince, I naturally knew I must see this band immediately.  I’ll be seeing them next week open for MGMT (which I am very excited for), but when I found out they were doing a very hard to get into�show at S.O.B.’s in New York, I decided to check them out in advance.  I arrived at S.O.B.’s to be treated to hearing the DJ spinning great tunes including a bunch of Prince protege tracks such as “The Dance Electric” by Andre Cymone, “Sex Shooter” by Apollonia 6, “Be Your Man” by Jesse Johnson and “Player’s Ball” by Mazarati.  That was quite exciting as I’d never heard a lot of those songs in public before.  I’d read a few articles about Francis Farewell Starlite – yes – he’s legally changed his name to that, and every article made him sound difficult and arrogant.  Great!

He took the stage about 30 minutes late and so far, the articles were right on.  Then when he started performing, he was absolutely electric!  He’s got the moves of James Brown and Prince, the voice of Jake Shears meets MGMT and a tight band.  It seems that once he started performing, he was the exact opposite of all the things I’d heard.  He talked to the audience, he was appreciative of the thunderous applause and he was dancing all over the place, giving the sold out crowd a great show.  He played every track from his album “It’ll be Better,” and he also played a new song called “Betting on Us.”  A video of that will be coming soon.  He performed mostly in the dark, so the video will reflect that, even though I was in the best spot in the house.  I think his live performance is much stronger than his album, but I think the album is quite good too.  I think we are going to be hearing a lot more from Francis and the Lights, which might just be the funk injection the music industry so desperately needs.  I was invited to the afterpartyand I had an enounter with Francis Farewell Starlite.  Want to know what his favorite Prince song is?  Was he as difficult as everyone says? Stay tuned to find out.

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