Scissor Sisters live at Terminal 5

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Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters

2010 is the year of the Scissor Sisters.  The band released an amazing album called “Night Work” earlier this year and it has already secured a spot on my best albums of the year list.  They previewed the as yet unreleased tracks earlier this year at 2 very intimate shows in their native New York and I was there to catch all the action.  The songs sounded great then when nobody had ever heard them and now that they are available for all to hear and sing along to, each track has turned into an anthem.  I’ve seen Scissor Sisters live at least ten times and I don’t know how they do it, but every show is better than the last one and I find it impossible not to have the time of your life at one of their shows.  After Casey Spooner and DJ Sammy Jo played great sets, the band hit the stage at 9 pm at New York’s Terminal 5 on August 24, 2010.

Ana Matronic

From the second the band hit the stage until the closing notes of the last song, Terminal 5 was a non-stop dance party and it was so much fun!  Jake Shears has more energy than almost every performer around and he sings, he dances and he’s an absolute pleasure to stare at for 2 hours!  The band played every track off their new album “Night Work” except for “Sex and Violence,” my favorite song off the album, but it makes no difference because hearing the new songs mixed with classics such as “Paul McCartney,” “Take Your Mama,” and “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing,” will leave me with a great feeling for days to come.  I met the band before the show and aside from making great music, putting on a hell of an entertaining show time after time, the band is one of the nicest in all of Rock and Roll.  They’ll be happy to pose for pictures, sign autographs and answer any questions you might have.  What did Ana Matronic tell me about working with Duran Duran?  What did Jake Shears say about the original version of Night Work and if the songs will ever be released?  Find out soon.

See pictures of the filthy and gorgeous Del Marquis and Baby Daddy as well as the set list after the jump.

Del Marquis

Baby Daddy

Set List for Scissor Sisters at Terminal 5 in New York. Courtesy of cutie pie Dan.

The setlist was:

Night Work / Laura / Any Which Way / She’s My Man / Something Like This / Whole New Way / Tits on the Radio / Harder You Get / Running Out / Take Your Mama / Kiss You Off / I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ / Skin Tight / Skin This Cat / Fire With Fire / Paul McCartney / Night Life.

Encore:  Comfortably Numb / Invisible Light / Filthy Gorgeous.

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