Street Art of the Day

Posted by The G on August 10, 2010 under Street Art | 2 Comments to Read

Photos by G.  Artist Unknown.

Eating Out is Fun!

Warning: these images are NSFCMP (Not Safe For Closed Minded People).  Oops.  Too late!  I saw this series of photos on the streets of New York, and whilst women don’t really give me a boner, I know they give you one – so enjoy!  If you have any information about the artist that captured these fantastic photos of naked women in front of famous New York landmarks, please let us know!  Until further notice, I have no choice but to call this “the Naked Series.”

See more sexy goodness after the jump.

I remember it well at the Chelsea Hotel...

Tie me up in front of the Guggenheim Museum!

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  • Bill B said,

    The Photosgraphs where takes by Gary Breckheimer and Posted by street artest that Calls him self “Naked City” his wook has beev seen all over the country. some people think they are the same people.


  • The G said,