Wavves live at the Bowery Ballroom

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It’s a little disconcerting when you read reviews of shows from the band Wavves and they liken lead singer Nathan Williams to Kurt Cobain for two reasons:  1 – because he just might be the voice of a new generation and 2 – because the likelihood of him dying way too young is almost a given.  I hope the second statement is not true because when I saw Wavves at the Bowery Ballroom on August 2, 2010, I loved it!  Of course, I had to immediately retreat from my spot in the front row because those who know me well know that one of the things I do not put up with at concerts are people pushing and shoving.  Since every song Wavves played is upbeat and rockin’, the crowd went buck wild for the full hour plus set.  Once I was out of the way of the mosh pit, I had a great time.  I would compare the band to a young Green Day, so if that’s your thing, you will love this band.  The band took generous swigs of whisky and beer after every song and by the end of the show, the in between song banter got harder and harder to make out.  Still, I loved what I saw and I really think the band has a bright future, but only if they don’t screw it all up from the excesses of rock and roll.

Nathan Williams of Wavves

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Wavves Set List

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