An Encounter with Armie Hammer

Posted by The G on September 30, 2010 under Encounters with G | 2 Comments to Read

Photo by Elizabeth Chambers.

Armie Hammer and G

The other day, I ran into actor Armie Hammer.  He’s in “The Social Network,” which I am excited to see this weekend.  He’s also the grandson of Armand Hammer.  I wish I would have put two and two together when I saw him.  I am a Los Angeles native and I recently visited the Armand Hammer Museum for the first time about a month ago.  They had a great exhibit by Friedrich Kunath.  The museum was really excellent as well.  Oh well.  I also was probably distracted by Armie’s good looks as I also didn’t recognize his wife, TV personality Elizabeth Chambers, who happily volunteered to take a photo of Armie and myself.  Thanks to both Elizabeth and Armie for being so cool.  “The Social Network” is out on October 1, 2010.

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