An Encounter with the cast of “La Bete”

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Photos taken with my hand.

Joanna Lumley and G!

On September 26, 2010 I saw the play “La Bete” on Broadway.  The play stars Joanna Lumley, David Hyde-Pierce and Mark Rylance and it was excellent. It takes place in 17th century France and it concerns itself with populism versus artistic integrity.  All of the actors are fantastic in it, and there are many moments that are side-splittingly funny.  It is currently in previews and opens in October, 2010 running through February, 2011.  You don’t want to miss this one.  If you are a fan of Absolutely Fabulous and you are not living in New York, you just might have to book a trip to our city to see the one and only Joanna Lumley work it out on stage!  The play is told entirely in rhyming couplets!  If all three actors do not receive Tony nominations for their roles in La Bete, something is wrong with the world!

I met the cast after the show and they were all extremely nice.  I am not sure I’ll ever get over meeting Joanna Lumley as she is one of my all time favorites and she was so lovely to everyone.  I had met her before the show, because I couldn’t risk not having a one-on-one experience with her (and I had it!) and when she came out of the stage door after the play, I chatted with her again.  I also couldn’t resist asking to take another picture with her and she happily obliged.  She even put her face next to mine!  OH MY GOD!

David Hyde Pierce and G

David Hyde Pierce was also very cool!  He grew a goatee for this role and had I not have seen the play, I wouldn’t have recognized him.  He was extremely friendly.  This is my second time seeing him on Broadway and he’s a tremendous actor, according2g.  Most people know him as Niles from the TV show “Frasier,” however, he is a very versatile actor.

Mark Rylance and G

As much as I love David Hyde Pierce and Joanna Lumley, and I love them dearly, there is no doubt that Mark Rylance steals the show with his performance in “La Bete.”  He plays a poet and buffoon and in his first scene, he delivers a perfect rhyming dialogue that lasts – uninterrupted – for nearly 30 minutes!  It is one of the best acting performances I’ve ever witnessed.  I could hear audience members sitting near me saying “how in the hell can he remember all that” and when his monologue was finished, he received applause for close to five minutes.  On top of the skill it must take to learn and deliver those lines, his monologue is hilarious!  How he didn’t break down in laughter himself is beyond me!  There were times where I missed dialogue because I was laughing so hard.  In person, Rylance was extremely shy and I of course gushed at how great his performance is.  He was extremely humble and very nice.  He delivers a Tony worthy performance and I will be rooting for him.

Thanks again to the cast for putting on a great show and to SQ for providing me with a wonderful day!

La Bete is playing at the Music Box Theater in New York.  Do not miss this!

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