Best Coast live at Bowery Ballroom

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Photos by G.

Betheny Cosentino of Best Coast

On September 29, 2010, California’s Best Coast played a sold out show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom.  Their music has lit the blog-o-sphere on fire and after seeing them live, I understand why.  Their music is surf/indie pop with no slow songs, just catchy-as-hell straight to the point songs that make you want to rock!  Lead singer Betheny Cosentino couldn’t be cuter, drummer Ali Koehler plays the heck out of the drums and Bobb Bruno was head-banging to every song on guitar. A trio of pop perfection.  They played songs off their EPs as well as tracks from their debut album “Crazy For You” which was released in July of this year.  I’m cutting this review short due to the fact that in the last 4 hours, I’ve met over 10 artists, saw and met 3 bands and as I am still recovering from laryngitis, my head feels like it is about to explode.  I met Best Coast after the show and I asked Betheny Cosentino “which coast is the best?”  Stay tuned for the answer.

Best Coast

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RIP Tony Curtis

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Photo and autograph courtesy of the G Archives.

Tony Curtis 1925-2010

More sad news from Hollywood.  Actor Tony Curtis, most famously known for his role in the wonderfully funny movie “Some Like It Hot,” has died.  He was also father to actress Jamie Lee Curtis and was one time married to “Psycho” actress Janet Leigh.  He also appeared on the cover of the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  I used to see Tony Curtis a lot back in my autograph collecting days and he was always really nice.  RIP, Mr. Curtis.

Trespass Book Launch Party

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Photos by G.

Trespass (published by Taschen). Out Now. (Art on both sides by Michael DeFeo).

The Taschen store in SoHo was the hottest place to be in New York both literally and figuratively on September 29, 2010 as the store celebrated the release of its latest book: Trespass.  A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art.  There were so many wonderfully talented artists in the store, it was really a site to behold.  I spotted some of my heroes Alex Grey, Ron English and Elbow Toe (and had great conversations with each of them).  In addition, I saw The Me Nobody Knows (TMNK), Steve Lambert, Jack Napier, Fumero, Tony Serra, Joshua Allen Harris, Michael DeFeo, Linus Corragio, Laura Keeble, Texual Healing, Charlie Ahearn, Martha Cooper, WK Interact and Milton Kalman, just to name a few.

Ron English, Steve Lambert

There were many more artists present tonight that are not listed, but as a lot of them are ‘renegade,’ nobody knows what they look like.  I spoke with several artists who recognized me from this site and a few others thanked me for writing about them!  It was a very special night.  I urge you to click on the link above as you can leaf through the book and it’s wonderful.  Thanks to all the talented artists whom I spoke with tonight.  There’s going to be a lot more pictures of my encounters with these artists in the coming days, so stay tuned.  Evenings such as this one really make you stop and think about the fact that some of these artists are wanted by the feds for vandalism when all they’ve tried to do is bring their art to the masses and yet the true criminals on Wall Street are allowed to roam freely.  Chew on that for awhile.

The opening night crowd at Taschen.

An Encounter with Sean Hayes

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Photos by G.

Sean Hayes and G

The other day, moments after meeting Joanna Lumley, my friend and I literally had to take a walk around the block because we were so excited to have met Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous, we were almost in disbelief.  As we walked, we ran right into another fabulous actor – Sean Hayes.  He is most famously known for his role as Jack on the TV series “Will and Grace.”  He was very nice when I met him.  Thanks Sean!  Sean Hayes is currently starring in the Broadway show “Promises, Promises” with Kristen Chenowith.  As we walked onto the next block, there was flea market benefiting Broadway Cares, an organization that helps in the fight against AIDS.  Many actors were on hand to help donate money to this great cause.  In fact, Kristen Chenowith was taking pictures with fans and donating the money.  I didn’t have time to wait in the enormous line, but I took a picture as I walked past.  This is what she looked like:

Kristen Chenowith

Naked Woman With Bear Head

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Photo by G.  Artist Unknown.

Caption This!!

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