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Posted by The G on October 20, 2010 under The G Spot | 3 Comments to Read

Photo and commentary by G.

I saw a campaign on Facebook to wear purple on October 20, 2010 to celebrate the lives of those teens that recently committed suicide because they were bullied and couldn’t cope with the pressures of being gay.  My blog will proudly wear purple on this day.

It is not always the easiest thing to do, but please remember, you have every right to be yourself in the same way that everyone else has the right to be them.  If they cannot accept you for who and what you are, it’s their problem, not yours!  Please do not forget that in the face of all adversity!

If you are a teen (or even an adult) that is scared to come out of the closet because you are afraid of what other people will say about you or afraid of how you’ll be treated, please repeat this mantra by Stuart Wilde multiple times daily:

“This is my day.

I control each and every thing that comes to me.

I accept complete responsibility for my life.

I am power.

So be it.”

This was taken from Stuart Wilde’s excellent book Affirmations.

We are merely a speck in a much grander plan.  Please remember that.  Have a loving and tolerant day, now and forever more.


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  • George said,

    Bravo G!!!

  • anonymous said,

    Kudos G!

  • Gail said,

    “Tolerating Others is the Price We Pay for Being Tolerated Ourselves.” — Dan Savage