An Encounter with Mt. Desolation (featuring members of Keane)

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Photos taken with my hand.

Tim Rice-Oxley (Mt. Desolation, Keane) and G

On October 27, 2010 I met the two lead singers of Mt. Desolation at their first ever headlining show at New York’s Mercury Lounge.  Both singers are also in the group Keane and both singers were extremely nice.  I met Jesse Quin (pictured below) prior to the show and I met Tim Rice-Oxley (pictured above) literally as he was walking off stage.  The guys were super cool and if indie alt-country rock is your thing, you’ll love this band!  They do have some mellow tracks but many of them are quite rockin’.  Thanks again to Tim and Jesse for turning this first timer into a fan!  Photos from the show are coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Jesse Quin (Mt. Destination and Keane) and G

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