Another Encounter with Francis Farewell Starlite

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Photos by G.

Francis Farewell Starlite and G

I was really happy to run into Francis Farewell Starlite the other day.  I’ve met him once before, but the first time I met him, I was largely unfamiliar with the music of his band Francis and the Lights.  Since that day, I’ve really gotten into his music and I got a chance to tell him how awesome I think it is.  I also got the chance to tell him how much I appreciate the fact that his live shows are ALWAYS different and it stands out even more in this day and age because hardly anyone is taking the time to change it up.  I mentioned specifically the song “Strawberries,” that I’ve seen performed with a full band (and included guitar solos) and then just a few short weeks later, he performed an entirely different version on keyboards.  He was super cool and it was a real pleasure chatting with him.  He’s gotten some great exposure recently with being one of the most mentioned “buzz bands” at the CMJ music festival in New York and he’s also expanded his fan base by landing opening slots for MGMT and Mark Ronson.  I expect you’ll be hearing a lot more from Francis and the Lights in the coming months – so keep your eyes and ears out for the funk!

Francis Farewell Starlite.

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