Cost Fucked Madonna

Posted by The G on October 28, 2010 under Street Art | 4 Comments to Read

Photo by G.  Art by Cost and Revs.

Is sounds dirty.  It looks dirty.  But is it really dirty?  I Googled the expression “cost fucked madonna” and came up with artists Cost and Revs who used to put up nonsensical phrases all over town.  That is until Cost got busted and was charged with damaging over $100 million in property with “graffiti.”  The judge let him go by serving 200 hours of community service removing graffiti and gave him a $2,000 fine.  Since Cost and Revs were big in the 90s, it’s puzzling that I just found this sticker in New York.  Alternate theories: perhaps some 25 year old named “Cost” just had a turn in bed with the Queen of Mean?

You got a theory?  Tell us.  It doesn’t even have to be about “Cost Fucked Madonna.”  You can tell us where babies come from;the answer to the algebraic equation of which train gets to St. Louis first with one traveling east and one traveling west; who really shot JR on Dallas; etc.  There are no wrong answers.

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  • Gail said,

    Yeah, this is ANCIENT. Maybe 15 years old? Crazy that someone is bringing it back.

  • toonmonk said,

    think it out. the longer she was around the more expensive her needs were therefore she had to go main stream.. pop-dom is a monster that needs feeding.. few get off safely.. The lucky ones get life time gigs in Vegas.

  • Zoot Fucked Lady Gaga | According to G said,

    […] Cost fucked Madonna. […]

  • Me said,

    Cost & Revs are legendary in the graffiti world. Adam Cost actually fucked Madonna back in the day. Apparently more than one heavyweight writer did the dirty with her. those who know, know.

    Kinda lame that Supreme jacked the Cost shit, dunno if he he’s getting paid for it, but now legions of swag idiots are jumping on this shit without having a clue, just because it’s cool. Tyler wore this tee I think, another lame.

    Graffiti culture has been getting raped for ages now, nothing new I guess.