Fletcher Crossman’s State of Shock

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Most photos by G.  All art by Fletcher Crossman.

Obama Assassinated

When I attended the closing night gala of Fletcher Crossman’s controversial exhibit “State of Shock” at Eye Level Art in New York, I expected to be offended and turned off.  Instead, I loved the exhibit and thought it was extremely well done, very interesting and I’ve been thinking about it for hours after seeing it.  The exhibit is laid out sort of like a comic book / scrap book of clippings about events that, as of press time, are fake but could actually happen.  The first image you see is definitely the most shocking as it depicts Barack Obama being assassinated with an accompanying story of how the act was committed (by a right-wing nut job).  I spoke with Fletcher Crossman and our conversation was very fascinating.  He agreed with me when I remarked that I didn’t feel this piece is wishful thinking at all, but instead, a very possible event since there are a bunch of wackos out there that swing so far to the right, their hatred for the President is frightening.

As you continue through the exhibit, you are provided with brilliant comic relief to ease the heaviness of the first images you see as you enter the gallery.  The above photo is Crossman’s mock-up of a Yahoo headlines page (that you should definitely click on to enlarge).  The top trending topics, the fake headlines of iconic conservative arseholes being targeted in terrorist attacks and even the mock advertisements are nothing short of genius.  What makes this exhibit even better is the knowledge that it first debuted in early 2010 in South Carolina.  Talk about a scandal!  Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at that opening!

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Rush Limbaugh eats orphan babies. No, seriously.

Though I tend to be apolitical because I think that all politicians are rat bastards, I love that Fletcher Crossman has taken a stand against these conservative talk show hosts who take every opportunity to spew and spread hatred instead of trying to unite people.  It’s that kind of hatred that brings a man to kill another man. Perhaps if these types of people could actually learn to get along with each other and get over their “I’m right and you’re wrong” mentalities, perhaps many lives can be spared.  It certainly makes you think, doesn’t it?  Learn more about Fletcher Crossman and the State of Shock exhibit on his official website.

Fletcher Crossman and G

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