Francis and the Lights live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Francis Farewell Starlite of Francis and the Lights

Every time I see Francis and the Lights live, the following things happen: 1. I love them more and more; 2. I  cannot figure out why the word “and the lights” is in the title of his band as he often performs mostly in the dark; and 3. I crack up watching the crowd not know what in the world to think of Francis at first.  Then he zaps the crowd with one of his awesome dance moves and from that point on, the crowd is in love.  All of these thing occurred when I saw Francis and the Lights open for Mark Ronson and the Business Int’l at Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 11, 2010.  I am praying that Francis and Mark Ronson had conversations about working together in the future because I think that collaboration would be nothing short of amazing!  Francis and the Lights had a different set up last night using a 2 piece band (plus Francis) instead of the usual 5 members.  What this meant was the arrangements of every song were dramatically different than I’ve heard before, which once again shows the talent this man has!  I cannot remember the exact set list as there was none posted, but I know he performed a new song as well as my favorites “Strawberries” and “For Days.”  A video of “Strawberries” will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

We All Feel Better In the Dark.

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