Gary Numan live at the Best Buy Theater, NYC

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Photos by G.

Gary Numan

On October 23, 2010, electronic music pioneer Gary Numan celebrated the 30th anniversary of his “Pleasure Principle” album by playing the entire record live at the Best Buy Theater in New York.  The night began with opening sets from Tokyo’s Boom Boom Satellites and New York’s Rasputina and then Gary Numan hit the stage around 10 pm.

Though Gary Numan lost his voice earlier in the week, he sounded just fine.  He started the show with an instrumental called “Random” and then went right into playing “The Pleasure Principle” from start to finish.  Even though a large portion of the crowd came to hear “Cars,” Gary Numan’s biggest hit, the “Numanoids” (aka Gary Numan’s die hard fans) were loving every second.

Gary Numan had a great use of lighting and though at times I thought I was going to hallucinate from all the strobe lights, I loved getting lost in Gary Numan’s version of electro-heaven.  A video of “Cars” will be coming soon, so stick around…

See a couple more pix as well as the set list after the jump.

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The setlist was:

Random / Airlane / Metal / Complex / Films / M.E./ Tracks / Observer / Conversation / Cars / Engineer / Asylum / The Fall / Pure / Down in the Park / Haunted / Halo / Bleed / Are ‘Friends’ Electric.


Zulu / I Die : You Die / A Prayer for the Unborn.

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  • Gail said,

    As usual these are great pix, G! I think that Gary (real surname: Webb) looks pretty good for rocking 50+. Sorry I had to miss the show. I hope you were able to sell the extra ticket.

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