Medicine Cabinets by Damien Hirst

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Photos by G. Art by Damien Hirst.

Medicine Cabinets by Damien Hirst. Now showing at L&M Arts in New York through December 11, 2010

A good friend of mine (who is an artist) and I were recently discussing the concept of art and his view was that art is an on-going conversation in the universal mind.  To that end, certain artists produce work that adds to the conversation while others make art that does not.  Love or hate Damien Hirst, it’s undeniable that his work adds to the conversation.  “Medicine Cabinets” at L&M Arts in New York is the second exhibition from Damien Hirst that I’ve seen in person and I love watching people’s reactions to his work.  They are strong and dramatic.

Extreme closeup!

Assembled together for the first time are Damien Hirst’s “Sex Pistols Cabinets” from 1989 where every medicine cabinet is named after a song from the Sex Pistols’ debut album “Never Mind the Bollocks.”  Similar to the way the Sex Pistols changed music with their album, Damien Hirst changed art when these works were introduced.  There is no denying that the juxtaposition of simplicity with complication in the cabinets is anything but “pretty vacant,” to quote the Sex Pistols track.

Partial Gallery View.

In addition to the 12 “Sex Pistols Cabinets,” you will also see the first two cabinets that Damien Hirst ever made (from 1988 and 1989) as well as a variety of Sex Pistols ephemera including prints, posters and t-shirts from the 70s and 80s.  I am a fan of Damien Hirst’s work so I really enjoyed seeing this exhibit and I recommend you check it out for yourself.  Best case scenario, you’ll really be moved by the work and in the worst case scenario, it’ll definitely give you something to talk about.  L&M Arts is located at 45 East 78th Street in New York.  “Medicine Cabinets” by Damien Hirst runs through December 11, 2010.

"Never Mind the Bollocks" signed by the Sex Pistols!

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  • Gail said,

    Loved the exhibit, the space, the cocktails and the tiny snacks.