Mt. Desolation (featuring members of Keane) live at Mercury Lounge

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Mt. Desolation

On October 27, 2010, the alt-country-rock band Mt. Desolation played its first ever headlining show in New York.  Mt. Desolation is the side-project of Jesse Quin and Tim Rice-Oxley who are members of the band Keane.  Considering that Keane sell out large venues across the globe, Jesse Quin and Tim Rice-Oxley were so excited to be playing for us in a very intimate setting and it showed.  They were so happy to be playing these songs for us and the crowd returned the love.  Their self-titled album “Mt. Desolation” was only released in the US a week ago, and I saw so many people singing along to nearly every song.

The night began with a really great set by singer Jesse Marchant (aka JBM).  More to come (including video) on Jesse Marchant – you won’t want to miss it!  There were a lot of Keane fans in the crowd and it was so cute seeing their enthusiasm.  Mt. Desolation hit the stage just around 8 pm and they killed it (in a great way).  Some tracks were very slow and mellow and tracks like “Platform 7” were rockin’!  Speaking of “Platform 7,” stay tuned for a video of that song.  Coming soon.  I met Jesse Quin before the show and Tim Rice-Oxley literally as he walked off the stage and pictures of that encounter are forthcoming as well.  If you like Stornoway, who I saw earlier this year at the same venue and loved, you’ll definitely like Mt. Desolation.

See more pictures and the set list after the jump.

Tim Rice-Oxley

Jesse Quin (left)

Mt. Desolation's Setlist on October 27, 2010 at Mercury Lounge in New York

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