New York Comic Con

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Photos by G and by Zaffi.

Blog confession:  I used to be a huge Star Wars nerd.  I had all the action figures, watched the movies more times than I’ll admit in a public forum, had the trading cards, the books, the bedspread, the drinking glasses… well, you get the idea.  While years later I still enjoy the films, I gave up all the merch and headed to greener pastures.  So while I am not really a collector of this sort of thing anymore, I can completely understand why people go nuts over Comic Con.  It’s Woodstock for freaks, geeks, outcasts, comic, video game and sci-fi lovers to get their nerdy groove on.  The 3-day festival concluded on October 10, 2010 and I was there to check out all the action.  I saw a demo of the new Michael Jackson video game, every type of comic book ever created for sale (with a lot of the artists on hand to sign autographs), t-shirts, posters, protective sleeves and pretty much any and every kind of merchandising you can imagine relating to comic series franchises for sale.  The true highlight though was the people who packed into the Jacob Javitz Center, the largest convention center in Manhattan.  People of all shapes, sizes, colors dressed as their favorite characters and the best way to describe the cast of characters (other than what you see in the pictures) is that it is like the Mermaid Day Parade, but without the nudity.  World of Randsom has a ton more photos from Comic Con, so check them out here.


You think I just meet celebrities and rock stars?  Well, you are half right.  After the jump, see some of the friendly faces I met at Comic Con.

Comic Con. From A to G.

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  • mara jade said,

    you were a star wars fan?? and managed to not find on single person in star wars costume??? =P

  • The G said,

    It’s true! I looked!