The Rassle live at Bowery Electric

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The Rassle

It’s always a pleasure to see The Rassle live!  Playing a headlining show at the Bowery Electric for the CMJ music marathon on October 20, 2010, The Rassle took the stage just after midnight.  This is my second time seeing them live and I think they are getting better and better with each performance.  Their music is insanely catchy (think MGMT with a bit more rock and roll) and their songs are ready to be sung in stadiums.  The Rassle has recently been featured in a J. Crew advertisement and positive reviews are spreading like wildfire across the internet.  I was so pleased to spot many record executives in the packed house and I am sure whatever offers come their way, the Rassle will continue to dazzle for years to come!  I spoke with the guys after their set, to once again profess my love for their music and they were all very cool.  It turns out they all read my “Encounter with The Rassle” article where I told them all about how much I adore their song “Born Free.”  It was a huge honor to know they saw it and it was cool to let them know I meant every word!  On October 23, 2010, you have another chance to see The Rassle live at Bowery Electric and I suggest you check them out at a small venue while you still can.  These guys are going to be huge!  Stay tuned for a live video of “Wild Ones,” which was recently featured in ad campaigns for J. Crew.

an artsy photo of Blair Van Nort (lead singer of The Rassle)

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