10 Questions with Cali Killa

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Photos by G.  Art by Cali Killa.

Cali Killa and G

I discovered the fabulous art of Cali Killa during a trip to Los Angeles.  Cali Killa is an LA street artist (currently based in Boston).  You’ve probably seen his art on the streets of  San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Los Angeles.  As my good fortune would have it, I ran into Cali Killa at a recent art opening.  We talked about many things including the possibility of an interview.  Luckily for all of us, Cali Killa agreed and I asked the artist 10 questions.

Hipsters Beware by Cali Killa

See what Cali Killa had to say after the jump.

According2G: How long have you been doing street art?

Cali Killa: I have been involved in street art for about a year. Before wheatpasting myself, photographing street art throughout Los Angeles was the closest I got.
A2G: Who inspires you?

CK: The Californian and Los Angeles lifestyle inspires me as a artist.

Cali Killa in Boston (photo courtesy of the artist)

A2G: Are you afraid of getting caught?

CK: You really can’t be afraid of getting caught while pasting. I know the risk it takes to paste in public space and I am willing to take it. Getting caught is always in the back of my head but once pasting starts the nerves leave my body.

A2G: Favorite LA Street Artists?

CK: Shark Toof, Leba, Alec, Free Humanity, DogByte

A2G: Dodgers or Yankees?

CK: Dodger Blue for Life!!!!

San Diego (photo courtesy of the artist)

A2G: Least favorite hipster?

CK: Believe it or not, I don’t have anything against hipsters at all.

A2G: Andy Warhol or Banksy?

CK: Banksy is the most famous and mysterious street artist right now. I admire the way he uses his images and words to send a message to the public.

Boston (photo courtesy of the artist)

A2G: Has your art ever helped get you laid?

CK: I try to keep my street art life as private as possible.

Los Angeles (courtesy of the artist)

A2G: Future Plans?

CK: Continue to grow and improve as a street artist everyday. Share my art in major cities across the United States and Europe.

A2G: Can I ask you 10 more questions sometime?

CK: Yes, anytime.

Beware of Hipsters!

Thanks to Cali Killa for the great art and for doing this interview. You can find out more about Cali Killa through Facebook.  Beware of hipsters!

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  • Jose said,

    This dude’s all over the place!

    Cali Killa fo life !!