An Encounter with artist Eric ‘Eyeball’ Richardson

Posted by The G on November 13, 2010 under Encounters with G | 5 Comments to Read

Photo by G.

Eric Richardson and G

Fans of Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins and Jason Limon are going to love the works of Eric “Eyeball” Richardson.  His works are colorful and surreal and yes, they usually feature eyeballs in them.  I met Eric Richardson at an art opening and he was really cool.  We talked about our favorite street artists and the skyrocketing prices of works by Warhol and Jackson Pollack.  Eric mentioned that he’s putting together the finishing touches on an upcoming exhibit.  When details are finalized, I’ll let you know.  I highly encourage you to check out his website (link is above, just click on his name) and get lost in the surreal worlds that Eric Richardson creates.  Thanks again for being so cool Eric and I look forward to hearing and seeing great things to come!

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  • Andrew Lau said,

    Hey, I’m sorry that I’m not commenting about this photo but I don’t know where else to contact you. I know you probably won’t reply to this but I know you’ve met Ellie Goulding after her concert and I would like to know how, like where after the concert and how long did you wait?
    I would be really grateful if you could reply (:
    Thanks for your time
    Andrew 🙂

  • The G said,

    Hi Andrew.

    Yes, off topic. But as long as you make sure to check out Eric Richardson’s art, all is forgiven. His work is AWESOME!

    My recommendation for meeting Ellie is to walk around the venue and figure out where she’ll exit from. I met her back stage…

  • Gail said,

    I want to see his art!

  • The G said,

    @ Gail. Click on the link provided in the post.. AMAZING STUFF!!!!

  • Bernard B. said,

    I happened to bump into an old friend, Giancarlo Giannini, at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and as we discussed an Old Master that had an uncharacteristic touch of the surreal in it he all of a sudden started spouting off almost uncontrollably about his appreciation of, and amazement at, the work of Eric. (In Europe they know him as Eric Richardson, without the “eyeball.”) Giancarlo could hardly contain himself. After seeing this painting, and others via the artist’s website, I can now understand why!