Best. Photo. Ever.

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Photo by G.  Outfits by Olek.

That's me on the right.

When I got a call from Polish artist Olek telling me she’s going to be featured in the December issue of Paper Magazine, naturally I was delighted for her.  I’ve seen her exhibit “Knitting is for Pu***” at the Christopher Henry Gallery quite a few times as it is definitely one of the best exhibits I’ve seen all year.  In fact, many other people agree too and the exhibit has been extended again through the end of November, 2010.  You cannot miss it!  Olek asked if I would like to reprise my role as a crocheted person and I had such a marvelous experience in the past, I said yes without hesitation.

Amanda hangs out in Olek's world at the Christopher Henry Gallery.

5 of us gathered inside the crocheted studio apartment at the Christopher Henry Gallery and we did a photo shoot for Paper Magazine.

Olek makes sure Jason does not lose his head.

Once again it was a great experience and so much different than wearing this outfit in public.  We hung out inside the studio apartment doing various things and each time we’d walk past a mirror, it was really bizarre to see ourselves covered from head to toe in a crocheted outfit.  Her skills in crocheting makes for some of the most clever art I’ve ever seen and still Olek outdoes herself with an outfit made entirely out of balloons!  For the last part of the photo shoot, I had the great fortune of an outfit change.

The above image is not the exact outfit I wore, but you can click on the image to enlarge and you can see once again that Olek is so creative and talented!  In the outfit I wore, it was a “couples therapy” body suit and I got inside the 2 person suit with a female companion.  I was unable to get photos once inside the suit, but when they surface in the magazine, they are going to be awesome!

I cannot stress highly enough that you see this exhibit and you have until the end of November to do so.  “Knitting for Pu***” by Olek is at the Christopher Henry Gallery at 127 Elizabeth Street in Manhattan.  Also showing is a retrospective of photographer Johnny Rozsa’s work, so you get to see two cool exhibits at the same location!

If you are not in the Manhattan area but you are going to be in Miami from November 30 to December 5, 2010 (at Scope Miami Art Fair), Olek’s crocheted apartment will be on display.  I’m told it will be near the cafeteria, so don’t miss it!

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