Erland and the Carnival live at Mercury Lounge

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Erland Cooper�of Erland and the Carnival

On November 3, 2010, British folk-rockers Erland and the Carnival opened for Irish folk-rockers Villagers at New York’s Mercury Lounge.  This was my first exposure to their music and I absolutely loved them!  They were definitely more rock than folk and as I listened to each succeeding song, I kept thinking to myself – these songs sound like stadium anthems.  As Erland Cooper announced early on, the band was “chuffed” to be playing for us, and I think the audience was equally chuffed to be seeing this band.  I definitely think they stole the show.  I’ll be posting a video of the song “My Name Is Carnival” soon and you’ll see what I am talking about.  However, while you wait for the video, head on over to Erland and the Carnival’s website and by signing up on their mailing list, you can get a free mp3.  Highly recommended. I’m really excited to see and hear great things about this band because I definitely think that given the right exposure, this band will be huge!  Fingers crossed for them because they rocked!

Erland and the Carnival

I met Erland Cooper moments before taking the stage and he was super cool.  See a photo of that after the jump.  And thanks again for a great night Erland!  Best of luck!!

Erland Cooper and G

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