Foxy Shazam live at Bowery Ballroom

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Foxy Shazam

When a band has the name Foxy Shazam, I found it impossible to not go see them live.  I’m glad I made the decision.  When the Ohio rockers played at Bowery Ballroom in New York on November 24, 2010, it was quite a site!  This band is insane!  Their music is rockin’ and I loved every second of their show.  Lead singer Eric Sean Nally kicks the mic stand and dances around it in a way that would make James Brown proud.  He does flips, pushups and spins around the stage while he sings!  At one point he asked the audience if anyone had any cigarettes.  Someone in the front pulled out a pack and Eric Sean Nally took 4 smokes from that person.  He lit them all, took a few puffs while singing and then ATE THEM!  I have video for proof!  Stay tuned.  Eric also told quite a few tall tales where the story would last for quite awhile, and the punchline was obviously total bullshit.  For example, he talked about how much money the band makes and then he said he spent his entire share on fireworks!  What does all this mean?  If Foxy Shazam comes to your town, don’t even hesitate about seeing them live!


See another picture and the setlist after the jump.

Eric Sean Nally. The craziest man in showbiz!

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