Hanni El Khatib live at Terminal 5

Posted by The G on November 3, 2010 under G Reviews | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Hanni El Katib (on the left)

On November 1, 2010, California rocker Hanni El Katib opened the Florence and the Machine concert at New York’s Terminal 5.  His music was fast and furious and I liked it instantly.  He hails from San Francisco and currently resides in Los Angeles, my former city!  The crowd was feelin’ it too and if the ultra-horrible Smith Westerns would have not played, the evening would have been perfect.  Hanni El Katib also gets bonus points for mentioning on his site that he is on tour with “The” Smith Westerns whose opening line on their myspace page is “There is no ‘the.'”  Unfortunately, I cannot tell from Hanni El Katib’s website when his album is coming out (but I cannot wait to get it), nor did I find you links for free legal mp3s, but you can hear some of his tracks on his myspace page.  As you can see from the above picture, the lighting was pretty crappy during his set, but if dark red lights is your thing, stay tuned for a video of “Build. Destroy. Rebuild.”  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to meet Hanni El Khatib to tell him how awesome I thought his music is, but I am planning on being in Los Angeles in December, so Hanni El Khatib, if you’re out there, keep me posted on upcoming shows!

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