Happy Birthday, Roseanne Barr

Posted by The G on November 3, 2010 under Celebrities | Comments are off for this article

Photo and autograph courtesy of the G archives.

Roseanne Barr

According2g.com would like to wish comedienne Roseanne Barr a very happy birthday today, November 3, 2010.  I met her on several occasions (when she was just “Roseanne” as well as when she was “Roseanne Arnold”) and though I cannot say she was very friendly, one of the times I met her, I was able to get her autograph.  I have always loved her comedy album “I Enjoy Being A Girl,” (which she refused to sign for me because it was by “Roseanne Barr” when she was going by “Roseanne Arnold”) and I really loved her TV show.  It tackled so many issues and had enough white trash humor that we all related to it.  During the last season of Roseanne, she bought the US rights to the show “Absolutely Fabulous,” and it was never made.  Does anyone know what really happened?  I can’t imagine it would have held a candle to the original UK version, but it might have been amusing.  Happy birthday Roseanne!

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