I’m in Spoon’s New Video!

Posted by The G on November 15, 2010 under The G Spot | Comments are off for this article

Still from the "Nobody Gets Me But You" Video by Spoon

What a day I’m having!  I was just reading one of my favorite sites, Pitchfork, when I saw that the new Spoon video, “Nobody Gets Me But You” has premiered.  I went to the taping of the video (which was a free 9 song set by Spoon) at Cake Shop earlier this year.  It was such an amazing day as lead singer Britt Daniel remembered meeting me from a previous encounter, I stood literally inches from him as he performed, he handed me the set list after the performance and then he nodded to me during another show that Spoon played later that night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. I wouldn’t have thought possible, but that day has just gotten better.  Spoon filmed the video in surveillance camera style and throughout the entire video, you can see the back of my head (for example at the 2:00 mark).  If that’s not cool enough, there’s a full shot of me at the very end of the video (at the 4:14 mark).  I am standing to the left of lead singer Britt Daniel.  Funnily enough, since my the back of my head appears in the video so many times, Pitchfork Media even say on their site, “Shout out to the guy whose head keeps popping up in the lower right corner.”


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