Michael Jackson’s Vision

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Michael Jackson's Vision - Available November 22, 2010. GET IT!

You can say whatever you want about Michael Jackson, but one thing cannot be denied – the King of Pop sure knew how to make an entertaining music video.  “Michael Jackson’s Vision,” features 4 and a half hours of every video Michael Jackson made, including the previously unreleased video for the R. Kelly penned song “”One More Chance.”  The picture quality has been restored and the audio has been remastered because Legacy Recordings wants you to have the best MJ viewing experience possible.  Michael Jackson liked to think of these as “short films” instead of “music videos” and I find it nearly impossible to hear songs such as “Beat It,” “Billie Jean,” “Thriller,” “Black or White” and “Bad” without picturing images from the films in my head.  There have been many incomplete collections of videos released over the years, but “Michael Jackson’s Vision” finally brings together the complete package.  This 3 DVD box set is going to be a huge hit over Christmas and beyond and it’s totally worth it!  In addition to all the great content on the discs, a booklet featuring rare production photos and shooting location details accompanies the set.  For those wondering, the unedited version of “Black or White” makes its DVD debut and though it features an at the time scandalous crotch grabbing sequence, it also has one of the most soulful dance routines Jackson ever committed to video.  Watching these videos makes it even more tragic that people waited until Jackson died to celebrate his life after he became a victim of tabloid scandals; however, Michael Jackson’s Vision will live on forever.  “Michael Jackson’s Vision” is released on November 22, 2010.  According2g, this is a must have!

Michael Jackson's Vision. Click to enlarge the tracklist.

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  • Cisco Pike said,

    AWESOME. Looks like Sony is really giving fans what they want this time around.

  • The G said,

    Yes, Cisco! They really hook it up with this MUST HAVE release!!!! Get it!!