Proof The MTA Naps on the Job

Posted by The G on November 6, 2010 under The G Spot | 2 Comments to Read

Photo by G.

Caption This!

The next time the MTA bitches that their employees are overworked and underpaid or that they need to cut subway service and /or they need to raise the prices of subway fare, this photo above is 100% that the MTA is full of shit.  As you can see from the above picture, this dude is napping on the job in plain view of paying customers!  Imagine what goes on behind the scenes.  I can’t imagine that any politicians read this blog because I’ve made it very clear that I believe they are totally useless (and please prove me wrong if they are not), but if there are any activists out there, please feel free to use this photo when telling the MTA to take their price hikes and shove them up their arse.  If you need extra photos, I have an entire series of this guy sleeping and not working!

Wake up people… it’s time for a revolution!

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  • Lisa said,

    Hey G, maybe he sat for a minute and just fell asleep. Maybe up all night with a sick relative, hangover from the night before, lack of sleep because of sleep apnea due to weight problem. Shit happens, cut the guy some slack. Maybe his shift was over and was on his way back to his station. Maybe, maybe not. Just saying.

  • The G said,

    He was passed out for a 20 minute ride.