Water and Fracking Don’t Mix

Posted by The G on November 22, 2010 under GNN | Read the First Comment

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Water and Fracking Don't Mix

You might be thinking – what the frack does this sticker mean?  Well, unfortunately, it’s not just funny street art. Hydro-fracking  is a controversial method of gas drilling that poses risks to the purity and safety of our drinking water.  A 1 year ban on fracking was passed earlier this year, but it’s coming up for renewal.  Help tell the government “NO FRACKING WAY,” by signing this petition.  Send this along to your family and friends.  The time is now to stop the government from further poisoning us!  Clearly, they’ve infiltrated our minds with their poisonous propaganda.  I think we really need to draw the line at our WATER SUPPLY!

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  • toonmonk said,

    It’s also a play on the new Battlestar Galactica TV show’s swear word Frack.