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Poster for "Welcome 2 America" by Prince

I know a lot of Prince fans read my site, so these posters are 4 u.  I’m also going to say what a lot of those same fans have been thinking for a long time but have been afraid to admit.  I’ve seen Prince in concert no less than 50 times and he’s amazing every time.  I’ve been seeing clips of his latest tour on line and I have to say, to me it looks like Prince and it sounds like Prince, but it feels like a cheap Prince imitator playing those songs.  His “Vegas-style” interpretations of his hit songs are so tired!  Because of his religious convictions, he has wiped away any implications of “dirty” lyrics from his act (for example, instead of “Sexuality is all you’ll ever need,” he sings “Spirituality is all you’ll ever need.”)  I am very happy that he pretends to have found Jehovah and all that and I even think it’s great that he has moved on from playing his “nasty” songs in concert, but a man who made millions of dollars humping the stage, wearing high heels and singing about ‘wanting to fuck the taste out of your mouth’ is trying to pretend his past never existed! Is Prince going to give back all the royalties he made from the songs “Do Me, Baby,” “Head” and “Gett Off?”  I don’t think so. Not acceptable, Prince.

He went from declaring “I’m never going to play my hits again” to embarking on countless “hits tours.”  He announced he’d never play the song “1999” again after that year passed and now it’s a staple each night. He’s announced so many projects that never see the light of day because he either loses interest or doesn’t pay the people that help him to execute his plans.  Some examples are “Crystal Ball II,” a set of unreleased outtakes he even asked fans to help with in selecting the final tracklist; “Roadhouse Garden,” a collection on unreleased songs he recorded with The Revolution; a 7 CD set of samples and loops that could be used any way the purchaser would like; and I could go on.  A big tenet in his religion is to not utilize idols or symbols.  Therefore he has completely stopped signing autographs (not that he was ever gracious about that act previously) for fans but yet he still wears that symbol all over his clothing, uses it on art work for his albums wears a gold and diamond encrusted necklace bearing the symbol and the stage he performs on nightly is a gigantic Prince-symbol!  Would Jehovah really approve of those actions?

In the early 2000’s when Prince had pretty much fallen off the map, he gave his die-hard fans all kinds of perks like pre-sale concert tickets, soundcheck access and unreleased tracks from his “vintage” period.  Then he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was placed atop the world stage again and he sued fan sites for using his image and is now charging upwards of $500 to get good seats at his concerts.  Again, very un-Jehovah-like, according2g.  I’ll be skipping this series of shows because it saddens me to see a person that looks like Prince go through the motions for cash.  If you’ve never seen Prince before, you’ll probably see one of the best concerts you’ve ever been to, but for the people that supported him when the rest of the world thought he was a joke, it feels like the joke was on us this whole time.  I’ve always likened being a die-hard Prince fan to being in a bad relationship because he’ll treat his fans like shit and they’ll come back every time.  I finally feel that I don’t think I am going to come back this time.

His last decade worth of albums have gotten progressively more embarrassing to listen to (see songs like “Lion of Judah,” and the direct Jimi Hendrix rip off “Dreamer”) and his latest effort “20Ten” which ironically sounds the most like the record the fans have been waiting decades for, is probably my least favorite album he’s ever made.  If you are a “new” Prince fan, don’t bother with anything he’s done post 1998.  Get the songs that have the ‘bad’ words in them.  Not because they are bad or naughty, but because those are the words of a man who pushed the envelope.  Those are the words of a man who was sick of the styles that currently existed so he created new ones.  They were funky then and they are funky now.  Those tracks have and will continue to stand the test of time.  Post 1998 Prince is a watered down, pale imitation of a man who went from creating sounds to following trends!  The man that once sang “Jack U Off” wearing a trench coat and bikini briefs is now singing about a “Future Baby Mama” and wearing platform tennis shoes!  Horrid!

Ironically, Prince ordered the removal of YouTube clips of his cover of Radiohead’s “Creep,” and Radiohead demanded the clips be put back up because it’s THEIR song to make such a decision about.  Did they not hear that he massacred the lyrics of the song?  He also similarly massacred the lyrics of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” and “Never Going Back Again,” infusing them with his cruddy religious jargon.  Will someone please sue Prince for unlawfully fucking up great songs?  Would a lawsuit of that nature drive him insane to the point of cursing again on stage?  Doubtful.  The one thing I am really sad to miss on these upcoming shows is the fact that the entire venue will be taking pictures at the concert and not even a control freak like Prince can do a thing to stop it.  The photos will be posted on line and videos will surface from every angle.  It’s going to drive him insane!  But that’s what people do at concerts in this country, so Welcome 2 America, Prince!

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  • Gregory said,

    Spot on G. Spot on!

    well said, mate!

  • Mark Daniels said,

    Prince promoting Jehovah’s Witnesses is the same as Tom Cruise & Scientology.
    I like Prince music and I like Tom Cruise movies.


    Prince converts to the Jehovah’s Witnesses not good for him or for the fans.
    Look,it gets to the point where you cannot protect every “belief system” the Jehovah’s Witnesses are run by the Watchtower society which is a cruel oppressive cult in every way.
    The Jehovahs Witnesses has instilled all kinds of nonsense in his head.Why do our celebrities get mixed up in theses apocalyptic cults?

  • The G said,

    @ Mark. Cool site!