Brandon Flowers is a Dick

Posted by The G on December 4, 2010 under Encounters with G | 19 Comments to Read

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Brandon Flowers: Not Nice

I debated about writing about my experience with Brandon Flowers (lead singer of the Killers), but in conversations with several readers, I decided to out Brandon Flowers.  On December 2, 2010, prior to a show at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom, I met Brandon Flowers.  It was an extremely chilly day and I was one on one with the fading superstar (see sales of his solo album for proof).  As he approached, I grabbed my Killers CD covers and asked for his autograph.  He told me that he doesn’t sign in blue sharpie.  As I had no other pen on me, I asked if he would personalize the signature to prove that I would not be putting it up on Ebay.  He said no.  I then asked if I could take a photo with him and he said “I don’t do that” and then he quickly fled the scene.  It’s always strange being in this situation because I understand that these types of people are constantly hounded for autographs and photos.  In a crowd, it makes perfect sense to say no, but when you are one on one at their concert, it’s just plain rude.  When I saw his solo show earlier this year, I saw him sign an autograph in blue sharpie with my own eyes (in a crowd), so he flat out lied to my face!  I’ve supported Brandon Flowers by purchasing all of his CDs, several import singles and I’ve seen him solo and as part of The Killers in concert 3 times.  Well, he lost a fan because I will not tolerate that type of behavior.  I’ve met thousands of celebrities and rock stars and my experience with Brandon Flowers definitely leaves me not wanting to support a person who is a prick for no reason.  In the time he spent refusing to sign an autograph or take a picture, he could have easily signed many.  Somebody told me he was nice.  According2g, Brandon Flowers is a dick.

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  • HFA said,

    well, i’d say the ball is in b flowers’ court! 😛
    if i was him, i’d hurry up sending u a personalized autograph in his own blood ;-).

  • Anonymous said,

    I’ve gotten his autograph in blue sharpie before. That saddens me that he was a dick to you G. 🙁

  • Mario said,

    What a douche! His solo album sucks. He should have been nice.

  • me said,

    One of my friends and I had the same experience in Montreal yesterday. He is an asshole!! and I regret ever being a fan. He lost 2 more fans cause of his “NO” when asked for pics or autographs.

    F U Brandon!! and like my friend said…we are BranDONE!!!

  • A said,

    He doesn’t seem to be a dick in these videos:

    Maybe your approach wasnt the best or maybe he was in a bad mood

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  • The G said,

    @ A.

    If you peruse this site, you’ll see that I’ve been photographed with several hundred rock stars. My approach is ALWAYS pollite. Brandon Flowers was not cool for a crowd of ONE person. Period.

  • Wendy said,

    Maby he just didnt like you….Can you imagine how many people hound him for these things. He is a human and gets the shits like the rest of us. Cant be happy all the time….

  • C said,

    so NOT true!!
    I met Brandon in October …
    He was already in his tourbus, while I was standing outside … about 15 minutes later, he got off the bus, took a picture with me and signed my poster.
    He didnt had to do it, but he did it cause he didnt want to break my heart!! <3

  • Mr. Will-W. said,

    It’s totally true. He’s hot and cold.

  • The G said,

    I am very happy for those who have good experiences with him. I’ve had 2 bad experiences with him and based on the number of rockers that have been super cool to, I don’t have time for people like Brandon Flowers or his attitude.

  • Loulou said,

    I’ve met him many times. In big crowds, one on one… He’s always been nothing but gracious, polite and chatty.

    Maybe he just didn’t WANT to sign your stuff, maybe he didn’t WANY picture with you. Whatever, he doesn’t have to. It’s not obligatory. Get over yourself.

  • Gail said,

    He could AT LEAST have posed for a quick photo. What is the harm in that? Boo Brandon Flowers! Bad form!

  • Bruce said,


    Don’t worry about all these negative comments from Brandon Flowers psycho fanzoids.

    I read your site daily, and I know you are the real deal. You are always gracious about your experiences and I am so glad you share them with us – even if they are negative. If we spend the time to support these people and they are jerks, they need to be called to the carpet. It’s inexcusable!

    Sorry that Brandon Flowers was a dick especially since his solo album sucks so badly. I didn’t like him anyway, and now I like him a lot less.

    Keep rockin’ G and happy hols, mate!


  • Killers-Fan said,

    I can`t believe this when I watch this video for example:
    He doesn`t seem to be impolite or rude…

  • The G said,

    Thanks Bruce for your support.

    I am not trying to anger Killers/BF fans either. I am not suggesting you boycott his music. I am not suggesting you get rid of your cds. I am not suggesting you stop seeing him in concert. I am merely recounting my experience with him, which leaves me cold. That’s all.

  • G your gay said,

    Look, you can’t just say shit like that when you don’t know the full story.

    Shouldn’t we take into account that he might have been stressed? Or upset over something that had happened over the day? Or sleep deprived? Or god forbid, maybe just in a rush?!

    I think you should get over yourself. People can’t be perfect all the time and you have no idea what was going on in his head when you suddenly thrusted your cd covers in his face.

    I’m not even a huge Brandon fan! I don’t like some of his songs, but I just hate people like you that whine and bitch and lie because you didn’t get your own way.

    Grow up, silly cow.

  • Yadda. said,

    G, seriously?
    A bit harsh don’t you think?
    You have NO idea what was going on with Brandon that day. I mean he’s been touring this Flamingo tour for months now and before that he’s been on the road with every other album since 2005. He’s the only one of The Killers who has barely taken a break because he’s devoted to a) his music career and b)HIS FANS. You can;t say the man who is a fan of all things rock himself, keeper of Morrisey tea cup doesn’t understand what it means to a fan to have that one moment with their idol. But even rock stars have schedules.
    I could post loads of videos on here with Brandon being nothing but gracious, humble and very welcoming to fans that he’s met over the years.
    Everyone has their off days and though I’m not denying the fact that maybe, yes maybe, he did deny you a picture or an autograph, that doesn’t make him a D**k in any way.
    Heaven forbid he was in a rush that day; if you stopped for you then he’d have to stop and take pictures with every other fan that might stop him every other time. He can’t physically do that.
    The man has a job to do after all, he can’t please ALL the fans ALL the time.
    He takes the good with the bad, the twist with the shout and having little people like ‘TheG’ write horrible things like this surely doesn’t make his job any easier.
    Lets have a little bit of sympathy for the man and all grow up. Eh?

  • The G said,

    I thank you all for reading this site, but sadly I don’t think you read about MY experience or the comments I’ve left here very carefully. If you read the articles on this site, you’ll see that I am not one to start throwing out accusations without merit. I am pretty sure BF has not lost one second of sleep over not signing an autograph for me or when he gets a bad review and if so, he’s probably in the wrong business.