The Infamous Dint Wooer Krsna Solo Art Exhibition at 17 Frost Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Dint Wooer Krsna.

The Infamous Dint Wooer Krsna Solo Art Exhibit at 17 Frost Gallery. Now through January 8, 2011

Lovers of street art will surely know the work of Dint Wooer Krsna.  His stuff is not just all over the streets of New York, but it’s all over the world!  I was familiar with the images I’ve seen as I’ve been out and about but until I went to The Infamous Dint Wooer Krsna Solo Art Exhibit at 17 Frost Gallery (in Brooklyn, New York), I never had any idea of how varied and diverse his “legit” art work is.  The exhibit has close to 50 works by Dint Wooer Krsna that range from sketches to paintings to dioramas!

Blue Field by Dint Wooer Krsna

His art is both cool and reasonably priced so I definitely recommend that you check out this exhibit before it closes on January 8, 2011.  As you can probably guess, the 17 Frost Gallery is located at 17 Frost in Williamsburg.

After the jump see another image as well as a photo of my encounter with the mysterious artist.

Dint Wooer Krsna and G

As you can see, he looks just like his art.  But seriously, he was a really cool guy and we had a really nice chat and.  Thanks again for the great art and for being a really cool guy Dint Wooer Krsna!  Looking forward to more greatness!

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  • Jack Castillo said,

    Amazing talent, humble man, beautiful message.

  • Gail said,

    I am happy to have purchased one of his drawings!