An Encounter with Mark Ruffalo

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Photo by G.

Mark Ruffalo and Geoffrey Dicker

Mark Ruffalo and G

I’ve always loved Mark Ruffalo’s movies, but now I love him in a totally different way.  Mark Ruffalo is lending his voice to stop hydrofracking.

Misleading the public under the false claim that gas is a  clean  energy, the oil and gas industry is currently using a toxic and hazardous process for natural gas extraction called hydraulic fracturing (“hydrofracking”).  This process, currently ongoing in 34 states in the USA, is causing irreparable damage to the environment, poisoning humans and animals, making farms, homes and large tracts of land uninhabitable.

I met the actor at Exit Art in New York on January 12, 2011 as he generously lent his voice to stop hydrofracking.  He was extremely nice and as if meeting him wasn’t great enough, he sat right in front of me for the duration of the 2 hour panel discussion on the dangers of hydrofracking.  Thanks so much Mark!  Respect!

You can get involved and educate yourself further at any of these sites:


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