An Encounter With Pee Wee Herman

Posted by The G on January 9, 2011 under Encounters with G | 5 Comments to Read

Photo by Pee Wee’s friend.

Pee Wee Herman and Geoffrey Dicker

Pee Wee Herman and G!

The secret words are: amazing timing!  On January 9, 2011, I found out at the last moment that I had a spot on the guest list for Pee Wee Herman’s exclusive Foursquare bowling party!  What amazing timing.  (Insert audience screams here.)  Justin of the awesome blog Billyburgwick and I braved the cold and headed to Bowlmor lanes in Times Square to check out the action.  As our amazing timing (insert audience screams here) would have it, moments after arriving, we saw the guest of honor – Pee Wee Herman!  Pee Wee was super cool and his friend took a photo of us!  Thanks Pee Wee!  I’ve been a fan of Pee Wee’s since Pee Wee’s Playhouse was originally on the air and seeing it live on Broadway in October was amazing!  In addition to being really cool, I think it’s great that Pee Wee is embracing technology and is having the chance to introduce his wonderful gift to a new generation.  Thanks again Pee Wee!

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  • AndyTheCureFan said,

    G! That’s so awesome! I remember how you said he wasn’t too keen on taking pictures last time you saw his show on Broadway. I could be mistaken though. Such a great photo and experience. Rock on!

  • toonmonk said,

    great picture!

  • Bankrupt Slut said,

    so rad~

  • Gail said,

    Photo not taken with your hand.

  • The G said,

    All of you are CORRECT!!!!!!