Jose is Josexy!

Posted by The G on January 3, 2011 under Street Art | 11 Comments to Read

Photo by G.  Art by Jose.


The other day when I first ran across the work of artist Jose’, I knew it was sexy.  The picture above proves that Jose’ is Josexy!

Looking at Jose’s work brings out the XY in my male chromosomes!  What about you?

::Rolls tongue::

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  • Hectronico Lunar said,

    Josexy INDEED. I’ve been priveleged to witness this art campaign from the get-go, and it has evolved elegantly. Even tickled your funny bone with the ‘Josexy’ and ‘Girl, I’m Gonna Fill You Up’ runs! Can’t wait to see what comes next… Keep your eyes open in L.A.

  • Dannie said,

    This is the true loving art of JOSEJOSEXY.The first time it cought my hazel green eyes(:.i was amazed of the work he has done. A nice simple graphic of a famous romantic singer from all times. At first i thought it was a joke,but it wasent.His Stickers catched famed in a second throught-out city of stars.i admire hs work and support it through out the first moment i met him. Long Live The Work From JoseJose and hoping it makes it to the top.
    ps.JoseJose Is The Shisnit!

  • MARIE. said,

    when i first realized what jose was doing i was amazed that someone actually realized how jose was not just famous for his music but for his looks too.
    keep rockin’ it xoxo<3

  • skiizy said,

    josexxxy is by far a legend in the making <3
    yer the best josexxxy

  • egads said,

    Jose Fever Forever!! i love jose’s work. really nice guy too!

  • JOSE said,

    The Sexy is Real. Trust. ahaha Thanks friends and thanks to G for posting this.

    Jose brings out the sexy, romantic and confidence in all of us. I just came out of work drained on a monday from the holiday mayhem and one look at this sticker got me feeling like Duncan Hines…Moist Deluxe !

  • JOSE said,

    wait that came out wrong hahaaah!!

  • violet & mel said,

    Jose is FANTASTIC!!! an amazing artist and friend

    <3 you Jose

  • JOSE said,

    Violet who’s Mel???

  • rolie.p said,

    jose is too sexy for the world ahha

    you need to start your show my niggah!

  • JOSExual said,

    Thanks RP !