Mark Ruffalo Lends His Voice to Stop Hydrofracking

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Stop Hydrofracking! Educate yourselves at,,

Before you read on and see the babe-a-licious actor Mark Ruffalo, I have a question for you:  Do you know what hyrdofracking is?  Do you care?  The answer to both questions is hopefully yes.  If you don’t, you OWE it to yourself to read and understand the following information:

Misleading the public under the false claim that gas is a “clean” energy, the oil and gas industry is currently using a toxic and hazardous process for natural gas extraction called hydraulic fracturing (“hydrofracking”).  This process, currently ongoing in 34 states in the USA, is causing irreparable damage to the environment, poisoning humans and animals, making farms, homes and large tracts of land uninhabitable.

You might remember seeing some street art about hydrofracking several months ago with stickers that say “Water and Fracking Do Not Mix.”

Mark Ruffalo so awesomely lent his voice to this great cause to stop hydrofracking.  A panel of experts told several hundred community members some very sobering facts about hydrofracking.  A lot of these facts are nothing terribly shocking:  our water supply is being poisoned in the interest of corporations making a greater profit.  The environmental safeguards such as the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Air Act and Superfund Acts are completely unregulated. The evil SOBs at Halliburton created a loophole in these acts thus exempting hyrdrofracking from the bills that are supposed to be protecting us.  Do you need to be a conspiracy theorist to figure this stuff out?  No.

The time is now to open your eyes and take action!  If this information superhighway is indeed so super, we need to educate ourselves now more than ever.  If you remember nothing about this information – here’s a fact you will NEVER forget:  1% of the population is controlling the other 99%.  WE outnumber THEM!  Obviously, for the tables to turn, a leader needs to emerge.  Be a leader!

What can you do to help?

Call the White House (212-456-1111), tell your Senators ( and tell your Congress people ( to Close the Halliburton Loophole.  Stop opposing bills which call for switching trucks and cars to natural gas and stop fooling with fossil fuels and start investing in sustainable and renewable energy to create green jobs and green energy.  We elected these people.  Now we need to make sure they are doing their jobs as they promised – to look out for the best interests of THE PEOPLE!  If not, we need to fire these people! That would happen to us if we didn’t do our job, right?

You can get involved and educate yourself further at any of these sites:


Mark Ruffalo

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