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Photo by G.



This brings up a couple of things:  1.  Is Shepard Fairey allowed to sue for ripping off his “Hope” image?  2. For those who relied on a politician for “hope,” rather than relying on yourselves for your ultimate happiness, I’ll bet the last couple of years has really shut (the collective) you up.  When people think Democrats versus Republicans because you have to “choose” a side, I say, vote for yourself or write in Yoda for President.  That would send a bigger message to the powers that be.  For the record, I’m much happier to see Obama in office than the other schmuck that ran for office, but please tell me WHEN the last time a politician delivered the bill of goods he or she promised that helped get them elected into office?!  That’s what I thought.  Looking forward to all the hate mail I’m about to get.

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