Two Door Cinema Club live at Terminal 5

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Two Door Cinema Club at T5

Two Door Cinema Club

I was so excited to see Two Door Cinema Club performing a sold out show at New York’s Terminal 5 on January 21, 2011.  I saw their first ever show in New York last year at a much smaller venue (Bowery Ballroom) and it was so great to see them performing for 3,000 people!  Their debut album “Tourist History” was one of my favorite albums of 2010 and I have worn out that record from playing it so much.  Lucky for all of us, TDCC played the entire album as well as the b-sides “Kids,” “Hands Off My Cash, Monty,” and “Costume Party.”  They also played a new track called “Handshake” and a video of that song will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

The album “Tourist History” is such a fun party record as all the songs are upbeat and it was so awesome to see the entire Terminal 5 partying along with the band.  I am really looking forward to hearing their new stuff if the track “Handshake” is a preview of things to come.  As I was leaving the venue, my uncanny sense of great timing helped me through again and I met two members of Two Door Cinema Club.  I got the chance to tell them how great I think they are and they were really thankful for my support.  I also mentioned that it was great to see audience sing-a-longs during b-sides!  Thanks Two Door Cinema Club for such a great night!

Thanks to the security guard for the photo!

The setlist was:

Cigarettes in the Theater / Undercover Martyn / Hands Off My Cash, Monty / Do You Want It All / Something Good Can Work / Handshake / This Is The Life / Kids / You’re Not Stubborn / Costume Party / What You Know / Eat That Up It’s Good For You / Come Back Home / I Can Talk

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