Insurgency Inc. Hits New York

Posted by The G on February 17, 2011 under Street Art | 2 Comments to Read

Photos by G.  Art by Insurgency Inc.

Insurgency Inc in NYC

Hate. Death. Fear. by Insurgency Inc.

It seems that street artists are having a territory swap.  The wonderful street art site Melrose and Fairfax have reported the appearance of 5 new UK artist Banksy pieces in Los Angeles.  Just when I thought there would be no east coast love, Los Angeles based Insurgency Inc. has saved the day by taking a bite out of the Big Apple.  Insurgency Inc.’s mission is simple:  Evoke human response. According2g’s response is LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Insurgency Inc in NYC

Hate. Death. Fear. Sex. Money. Fame. by Insurgency Inc.

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  • JB said,

    Thanks for the support, G. Tom Cruise missed New York 😉

  • The G said,

    Of course!!!

    He was probably in a bathhouse somewhere, but now he’s out 🙂