Mario Pena at the Art Bazaar

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Photos by G. Art by Mario Pena.

Mario Pena

Mario Pena at The Art Bazaar at Lyons Weir Gallery in NYC. Now showing through February 27, 2011

If you live in New York, you’ve probably seen “Grimus” by Mario Pena on the mean streets of the city.  Now you can see an exhibit of the artist’s work at the Art Bazaar, showing at 175 7th Avenue (at West 20th Street) in Manhattan.  Since the inception of the Art Bazaar, over 300 artists have exhibited works and the event has been written up by ArtSlant and the New York Times.  In addition to these amazing canvases, Mario Pena does photography, graffiti and poetry!  His graffiti career is not merely tagging the streets with his name, like so many graffiti artists do.  Instead, he paints stick figures, symbols and faces that identify who he is as an artist.  As you can see from these photos, Mario Pena is on the verge of a very successful art career so stop by the Art Bazaar and pick up a piece of very affordable art by an artist on the rise.

Mario Pena

Mario Pena

That's Grimus!

Mario Pena

The Art Bazaar is located at 175 7th Avenue (at 20th Street) in Manhattan.

You can learn more about Mario Pena on his official website.

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  • Eli said,

    Definitely want to check out some of Pena’s work.

  • Kevan Lunney said,

    You never know who will pop up at the Art Bazaar on 7th Ave and 20th St in NYC. a new collection twice a month. go ! be surprised!
    I eshibited there early Feb 2011, and will again. Great experience.