Remembering Keith Haring

Posted by The G on February 16, 2011 under GNN | 2 Comments to Read

Photo by G.  Art by Keith Haring.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring

21 years ago today on February 16, 1990, American artist Keith Haring died of complications from AIDS.  Keith Haring is one of my favorite artists.  I have always admired the vivid colors he used, the positive messages in his work and reading from pretty much every source that he was one of the nicest people on the planet.  If you ever get the chance to read his journals, which are collected in the book “Journals” by Keith Haring, I recommend it.  You’ll see the writings from a man who always questioned where the borders were and tried to break them down.  Like so many of the greats, Keith Haring exited this planet too soon.  21 years on, his voice is missed, but never forgotten.

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